What is the process of becoming a stockist?

Click the contact us link and send your details or give us a call and we will send you the relevant documents

Where can I buy one of your products?

We are the wholesalers so you would need to purchase from a stockist

Is there a minimum order?

There are no minimum orders for stockist

I would like to know the price of?

We are the wholesalers so you would need to contact a stockist to enquire about prices

Can you help identify a style?

Send us an email and attach a picture and we are more than happy to help try to identify

I have an online shop, am I still able to stock?

Yes we are more than happy to supply online stockists, send your details and we can start the process

Can I sell my old/used products to you?

We are the wholesalers that supply retail shops, unfortunately this is not something we get involved in

How long is delivery?

We have a large range of stock so delivery can be very quick depending on your location and the stock quantity at the time

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